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Battleborn Crystals Generator free Shards

Battleborn crystals

Battleborn Crystals – How to Earn and Use Them

There are many yellow Battleborn crystals or shards present in the game of Battleborn. There form the bridges between the living and the dead. They can be a determining factor for winning or losing in a match.

How to Earn Shards:

The shards can be earned by killing the co-players or enemies. You can also break the giant glowing shards to get smaller shards. At present there are seven giant shards in the game. There are small shard clusters with 25 shards in each. A single player may have up to a few thousands shards for playing the game.

The larger crystals can be blown up to form shards. One big crystals may be used to produce as many as 300 shards. The smaller crystals are also helpful and can be used to initiate updates and make turrets to save yourself from enemies. Battleborn crystals or shards can be used in various ways to facilitate the player.

How to Spend Shards:

The shards can be spent in different ways. They can be used to buy turrets to protect one’s self from enemies, to buy bigger minions or any machine or to activate a gear. Of these, the gear is the most costly and naturally requires the maximum number of shards to buy.

Battleborn Crystals

So, it is better to buy machines like turrets and accelerators which are more economical and help other teammates apart from the player who is directly using the shards. However the drawback of these machines is that they are prone to destruction and require a protective shield to upgrade them for a second time. Gear is better in this respect since it lasts throughout and is never damaged.

Thus, both gear and the other machines like turrets and accelerators have their own pros and cons. The player needs to choose from among the two by judging his ability and requirements. An average player should by upgradable machines since it is easier for him to deal with. Expert players should buy gears with their shards since the gears will be the ideals one to use for them. Shards should thus be used judiciously by the players.

Battleborn Crystals Generator 

Battleborn Crystals


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