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                    GTA 5 DNS codes Money and RP Patch 1.35

GTA 5 Generator Online Money

DNS codes GTA 5 is our latest generator that our team has been working on and we are so proud that we can bring it to you guys and for free.

Yes you`ve herad right we are giving this new soft for free and you shouldn`t pay us any money. We know how hard it is to earn cash nowadays and we would never ask you for money because we take care of our beloved costumers.

We would like you guys to know that our new DNS codes GTA 5 works great on any of your devices and you shouldn`t think of getting banned or something like that because it would never happen to you guys.

Our team has added a anti ban system to the soft and because of it everytime you are going to take advantage of the features this new DNS codes GTA 5 generator has to offer our proxy will hide your private and personal proxy against any unwanted ban.


DNS codes GTA 5

You should know that our team always tries to deliver you quality and not something else such a program that you won`t need or a virus. You will be able to take advantage of all the features that this DNS codes GTA 5 have to offer and you should also know that our team wants to deliver quality for free.

We hope you are going to enjoy all the features we`ve added to the new program and we want to wish you a great game while taking advantage of our soft because we know you will do. In the end we want to say that you should come back for more programs because we will always deliver only quality to our beloved costumers and not something that you can`t use.

DNS codes GTA 5 

DNS codes GTA 5

Update Today  :



 Contact me on Skype :  marketing.seller


gta 5 dns codes


145 Responses to DNS codes GTA 5 Money and RP Patch 1.35

  1. Marvels says:

    Finally a good site for get money ;)
    Here is my result guys :-*
    sorry for my english :P

  2. Marll says:

    Ty so so so much bro , got my money and RP
    I just share and Like this site on facebook, Instagram
    Kiss you :-

  3. Money says:

    Working for patch 1.33 guys , I just Downloaded the file with all instructions :O

  4. John23 says:

    Ty so much mate , for my money and rp , Great guy and I get my money in 10 min ;)

  5. Tamera Runk says:

    Money…. i got lot of money!!!!!

  6. Fermina Kopec says:

    you are just amazing!!!! i got the GTA 5 money!!!!!

  7. Louie Dewey says:

    thank you admin! thank you very much……

  8. Margarett Shine says:

    this is great!!!!! break more codes and keep updating like this!!!!!

  9. Sanora Inouye says:

    i had doubt before use this! but it works surprisingly!!!!!

  10. Kortney Winsett says:

    wow, im in shock…first actual working hack

  11. Jamar Lampert says:


  12. Willette Kell says:

    All others are scams/surveys. THis one actualy works! I will share this now thanks

  13. Euna Gascon says:

    ive been looking everywhere for a tool like this

  14. jack33 says:

    thx for all guys , i shared and Like this on my Facebook page , sorry for my englis , im from NL

  15. Ha Mastrangelo says:

    how did you break that code!!!! really it works

  16. Shantel Lamprecht says:

    hurrah!!!!! i got lot of GTA5 money…. before that i was in lot of trouble… thanks mate <3

  17. Teresia Landi says:

    you are brilliant dude….. I got so many money :D

  18. Lanie Prunty says:

    many many thanks admin
    i received lot of money from this!!! you are the best (Y)

  19. Suzette Jacquet says:

    break more codes and update us regularly….. we are with you

  20. Clara Clare says:

    astonishing!!!!! finally it works….. i got lot of money

  21. Vickie Tricarico says:

    you are just worth of praising!!!! it really works

  22. Jeanne Cali says:

    i already got free money for GTA5!!!! thank you dude

  23. Antony Kinoshita says:

    how did you do that miracle!!!!! :O

  24. Donella Quisenberry says:

    this is so coooool

  25. Mollie Gruner says:

    i got lots of money!!!! it works amazingly!!!!

  26. darn GTA says:

    wow….this site works so real

  27. zXMitchell says:

    This was amazing

  28. Mike 17 says:

    Nice work and best admin EVER ;)

  29. Waffle says:

    Hey, really tnx for all ;)

  30. SteakyOx says:

    Please help admin and accept my skype

  31. Oxy says:

    I am so confused i make yesterday from PC and i get my money in GTA5 , but today is not working from PC , but i make from Mobile and is working like a charm … I think you need to fix the PC Offers Generator :P :P :P BTW , Good job mate ;)

  32. Barry22 says:

    I complete one of the “spam verifications” but is working just one time … i get my money TODAY in gta 5 , but i want more money :D , and it´s not working … pls tell me what i need to do to get more money :D :D
    Sorry for my English . i´m from FRANCE :P

    • admin says:

      Hi mate , if you need more money , then you need to complete AGAIN but not in same day ;)
      1: TODAY – complete the Spam Verification and get the money in GTA 5
      2: If you need more money in game , then WAIT one day ;)

  33. kurt21 says:

    I get it every day :P :P Really tnx mate

  34. aaron says:

    can u generate me 10 million money and 1 million Rp??

  35. Karin says:

    Hello Admin IS This really work on ?

  36. Tae money says:

    I’m in the us ps3 gt xx-yo-niga-tae-xx

  37. mike4322 says:

    it doesn’t let me complete the offer if someone can help me with money

    • mike4322 says:

      Sorry guys , i get my money in same day, and today i completed from Mobile , and is working like a charm ;) :P :P Tnx admin !!!

  38. daniel1533 says:

    I tried the bride dating site and i get my money in GTA 5 :P :P

  39. clay says:

    Can someone tell me what the spam is?

  40. Fyfy31 says:

    really tnx mate for all what you do here , i get money and rp from your Generator and spam verification is verry easy , Sorry for my English i´m from NETHERLAND ;)

    • Ricky says:

      How do I complete the survey? Please help?

    • Levi25 says:

      Buaaahhh , i got my money after i completed 2 times… because first time when i completed not worked from PC , but from Mobile works like a charm :P :P :P Really tnx ;)

  41. Marryn says:

    really tnx mate , this generator is awsome ;)

  42. Marcel33 says:

    Nice one mate , i get my source in game and the Spam Verification was very easy , I shared on my facebook page with 230. mil people ;)

  43. Mikesty says:

    I LIKE , REGISTER , and after 5 min i received your Email mate , and YEAAHHH , i put my Gamertag and now i have in game 50.000.000 $$$ , really Tnx Admin !!!

  44. Gorjjy says:

    I just want to TY for this awsome Generator ;)

  45. BM.Elite says:

    OMG , before to complete i just told in my mind , It´s Fake , but after i complete i get the money on GTA :O :D :D :D OMG so GREAT , Like and share mate ;) ;)
    Sorry for my english i´m from Paris

  46. dee says:

    hey wat do i download an install

    • Batman in GTA5 says:

      Mate , you don´t need to donwload and install , just Press LIKE Button ( or TW , G+ ) , then press ONLINE Generator , put your Gamertag , Money and RP ( i put just money :D ) and complete the Spam Verification , i complete the Spam Verification in 10 sec. with Mobile ;) and i get my $$$$$ in GTA5 after 5 min ;)

      • robe1f says:

        what do u mean i don’t see a like botton and it won’t let me do it . i don’t want to down load it cos it might be a scam and i get in tribal of my parents help me pleas

        • admin says:

          Mate , you don´t need to download nothing ;) you just need to put your Gamertag and Amount you need ;)

      • Desiigner_Dabz says:

        Do it for me please I have a crap phone and it wont let me do the spam verification, plz and thank you…… User name is. Desiigner_Dabz. and its on playstation

  47. Jokky17 says:

    i make from Mobile because my PC not working and this is first time in my life when i get money in GTA V , send me your Paypal and i send you 20$ for you ;) , really tnx mate , you are the best , sorry for my english is not native language because i´m from France

    • admin says:

      I´m glad man , because i help you ;)is not need to send me 20$ man , but if you want to support us , please don´t forget to Like , and share this site , for more updates ;)

  48. kevin KK 23 says:

    Really tnx mate , i just receive my money :O !!!!!!!!!! You are the best !!!

  49. Dann says:

    Dankje voor mijn 500.000.000 geld ;)

  50. Kokky says:

    Yeap , Finally working for me 2:P , this version 4.80 is better , i just get 400.000.000 :P
    I share on Facebook ,Tw, and Inst.
    Really thnx Admin for your great work , sorry for my english , i am from NL … <3

  51. Patrick says:

    where’s the community spirit gone not a single person on here will help me and do it for me as I can’t complete spam verification to get activation key please someone just take 5 mins to help me my gt is kaisdaddy2013

    • admin says:

      Hi mate , the Spam Verification is need completed from your country !
      Make sure you complete the Spam Verification , with email or Mobile , if is not working from PC then just go from Mobile ;)
      Let me know if you steel have problems !!

      • Jerry NN says:

        Yes Patrick , you need to make from your country , I´m from France and now i have $$$$ in GTA 5 , but after to complete the Spam Verification , i tryed to complete for my friend from Spain but is not working , because i´m from France and he´s from Spain …
        This is the reason why people don´t complete for anyone . Just folow the instructions from Admin , and belive me you get the money and RP ;)
        Really sorry for my english !!

      • traemen says:

        hey admin i am trying to make for my country but when it asks for spam verification it doesnt do anything there isnt a prompt to do a verification so i can obtain the activate code. plz help m8 cheers.

        • admin says:

          if you tryed from PC , then just go and try from Mobile ;) because we have some countrys without PC or Mobile Offers for Spam Verification , Let me know if you steel have some problems ;)

  52. NasBa21 says:

    how to complete the spam verification??

    • NasBa21 says:

      NWM , i complete in 20 sec with Number Phone and i finally get the money in GTA ..
      Nice Work guys , really tnx for this , tomorow i make again ;) ;) ;) ;)

    • Crazzy Guy says:

      Just TY ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty working on Netherland and for my friend from France ;)

  53. Patrick says:

    hi is there anyone decent enough to help a fellow gamer as I can’t seem to work this thing please help my gt is kaisdaddy2013

  54. BTT- NL says:

    working in NETHERLANDS , i need to make 2 times the spam verification , but i get my money and rp in 5 min !! Now i have Millions on gta :o :p :p :p

  55. Jonny KK says:

    Thnx for update mate , it´s working for France ;)

  56. Patrick6732 says:

    Nice update mate , yesterday i get 300 mil and today 500 mil :P i shared this awsome site on Facebook ;)

    • GTA Poor says:

      I try yesterday and is not working and TODAY i tryed again , with this update and now i have my money in game after 15 min , you are my hero :-*
      PS: sorry for my englis im from France :-*

  57. bigrichbull says:

    Nice it work thx bro

  58. Nassy says:

    I complete from Mobile now i have 450 mil in game :O !!

  59. Camery says:

    I complete the spam verification and i put in generator money but i get 500.000.000 :P but it´s ok :P :)

    • admin says:

      yes, because the generator with laste update works with 500 mil , but tomorow you can make again with 500 mil

  60. NasBad says:

    Admin i have send you an skype invite accept it please My name is NasBadnd i will help you to share it :P .

  61. killer34 says:

    working great for me ;)

  62. need your help says:

    pls can you gve me 100m and 1m rp pls beacuse in my country
    we dont have offers my acc is L4ND4_P0W3R ps3

  63. Mark says:

    i get my money and rp after 30 min , nice one !

  64. Ben tol says:

    Admin i have send you an skype invite accept it please ( my name is Ben.tol1) if you help my i Share it in my crew and Facebook

  65. mike says:

    I want the gta v online money but i dont wanna RP what i neem to door please aswer me in 15 years oldtimer and ik from Belgium

  66. Goup GTA5 says:

    nice update mate , tx ;)

    • Joker says:

      Do I really have to do the SPAM Verification for get my rp and cash?

      • admin says:

        Yes , you need to do the spam verification like others guys who want money and rp !

        • Gerald92 says:

          guys i tryed from pc first and he not work , but i make from Mobile and i get my money and rp , ty so so so much admin , sorry for my english im from France !

  67. Hommyng says:

    Hello mate , i shared on my facebook page , ty for this great generator !!

  68. Mikky says:

    Always Outstanding! Highly Recommend this Generator! He is so awesome. I am a repeat tomorow again , i get 200.000.000 / day with this generator
    I shared on my GTA 5 France Groupe ;)
    Best Regards admin

  69. Morina says:

    I tried to get it working but I cant … pls help me , i have 11 years , sorry my english im from GR

  70. scott says:

    It’s not letting me do it :\ what do i have to do??

    • admin says:

      Pfff , what ERROR you have , make sure you put your GAMERTAG ;)

      • ScotyAllf says:

        I have complete Yesterday and Today AGAIN , yesterday i get 150.000.000 and Today i get 200.000.000 Awsome !!!

        • admin says:

          and tomorow you can put again , but i recomand you to wait 2 days … Don´t forget to share this site :P

        • jack says:

          Dude can u do it for anyone who reads this give 10000000 on gta v my gamer tag is XDCrospecter958

          • admin says:

            Hi Jack , you need to make from your country man , and belive me , i don´t have time to make for all people … really sorry , go and make yourself mate ;) is not hard , OMG , is just need to put your Gamertag and $$ + RP , after that folow the instructions and you are finish in 2 min , but after you Complete the SPAM Verification , just wait up to 10 min. and go on GTA 5 and enjoy with Money and RP ;)
            I really recommand you , do not put much then 500.000.000 $$ in one day , tomorow you can use again , Enjoy mate and let me know if you have some problems ;)

          • Netherlands GTA 5 Group says:

            I shared in My group on Netherland , i get my money and rp tnx for update admin !!

          • Adrian says:

            Hey admin i completed the survey and everything but all it never said was waiting on comfirmation

          • Jack says:

            Make from Mobile then … ;) or make again after 1 hour ;)

    • Adrry says:

      merci beaucoup ;)

  71. France GTA5 says:

    OMG i get my money and rp , Shared on my Facebook GTA 5 Group , Ty !!!!

  72. Mike21 says:

    woow , nice update man , new online Generator it´s best for us because we don´t need to download nothing ;) ;)

  73. Temmy says:

    this tool really helps me , really tx for your hard work mate !!!
    PS: I share this site from my Fb Group ;)

  74. kevin23 says:

    okay , i just downloaded and is working with last patch ;)

  75. desgrantek says:

    Download , Run and i get $$$$$$$$ !!! :O ;)

  76. theman55 says:

    i download and is working for me , Download from EU Server :) ;)

  77. lukas says:

    i f ing love this game with this hack !!

  78. jeejeeeje Love says:

    Niceeeeee !!! :D

  79. Smithy says:

    Guys , is really working ? :O

  80. nigyll says:

    finally it´s working ;) :-*

  81. Jack-looky says:

    I get the money guys , i have now 600.000.000 in Game :P

  82. Matty says:

    Downloaded , Install and i get money FREE , Nice work dude !!!

  83. StoEmin says:

    Worching great ;)

  84. Anonymous says:

    Nice one man ;)

  85. John_27 says:

    I fell good … :D Tnx ;)

  86. Marrk says:

    Guys , is realllyyy workiiing ? i need to try this , but now i don´t have pc :(

  87. Rafa says:

    Guys , is really work ? because i don´t have Laptop or PC to try this :(

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