GTA 5 Shark cards free money 2017 update

GTA 5 Shark cards free money 2017 GTA 5 Shark cards most perfect way to deal with accomplishment GTA 5 Shark cards offers particularly decisions to benefit . In preoccupation you bestow More »

GTA 5 Money Generator Online Patch 1.36

GTA 5 Money Generator Online Patch 1.36 GTA 5 MONEY GENERATOR- WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE? GTA 5 money helps you in a lot of ways. You can buy weapons, armors, cars, properties More »


GTA 5 Online Money 1.36 Generator Online


GTA 5 Online Money 1.36 +


GTA 5 online money helps one to get cars, weapon and properties in the game. If you want to possess GTA 5 online money 1.36 , you can adopt the following means-

• Use our GTA 5 Online Money Generator to get money and RP.
Delivery Time: Maxim 30 minutes

• Robbing a store: In order to get GTA 5 online money 1.36 you can rob a store such as gas stations and stores selling convenience equipments. More yelling brings more money from the cashier. Robberies can also be conducted in groups.

GTA 5 ONLINE MONEY 1.36• Getting a Job: Not only do the jobs in GTA 5 help you to get good positions and reputations in the game but are also the best way to acquire wealth for the novice players. The jobs also reward people for both participation and success. Sometimes one player requests another to participate in a job. More the number of jobs one participates in, more rewarding the new jobs become.


• Selling a Car: Cars which are not tracked can be easily sold in the game. However, one must remember that the policemen are always in search of stolen cars. Among the different cars, SUVs are the best sellers. Damaged cars sell for lesser prices than the others since they cost a lot of money for repairing.

GTA 5 online money 1.36

How to spend the money on gta 5 online ?

A player is advised to save the GTA 5 online money 1.36 he earns for weapons, garage and armor instead of spending it lavishly on clothes and cosmetics. One should also note that it is not possible to buy more than one property at a time i.e. if one buys a garage, he can’t buy a house. Price of garage houses also depends on the capacity of the garages. So, a eight-car garage costs more than a six-car garage but less than a ten-car garage. So, one should spend GTA 5 online money 1.36 wisely according to requirements.



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