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GTA 5 Mod Account Online Money and RP

GTA 5 Mod Account Online Money and RP GTA 5 Mod Account Money and RP plus Unlock ALL is instrumental in getting any player a better Rank and Money at the game. More »


              GTA 5 Online Money RP Generator Patch 1.35     

GTA 5 Online  Money RP Glitch is our latest project and we are so proud that we are finally ready with it and we are realeasing on the internet.It took us almost 2 months of non stop work to find a glitch in gta 5 and because of not finding it we decided to stop searching for it.After a while one of our team experts finally managed to find the glitch we were looking for in the games code and because of that we can now say that we are over and the soft is done.

Our newest GTA 5 Online Money RP Glitch works great on any devices and is also fast. We want you to know that it doesn`t require you to update it and is also free. Yes you`ve heard right! We are giving this away for free because we love our costumers and we would never ask them for their hard earned cash because we respect them a lot and we know how hard it is to earn money nowadays.

We also want you guys to know that everytime you are going to take advantage of the money feature we`ve added in this soft you will also be protected and you shouldn`t think about getting banned because it would never happen.

GTA 5 Online Money RP


We`ve added our new anti ban technology to this program and because of that your private proxy will be protected with one of our own freshly scraped proxy from all over the internet.

We hope you are going to enjoy our new GTA 5 Online Money RP Glitch and we want to wish you a great game while taking advantage of the cheat in your quest of becoming one of the best gta 5 players of all time.

Have a great game guys !

 Check the comments before

 GTA 5 Online Money RP


Update Fixed amount 500.000.000 $ :

GTA 5 Online Money


140 Responses to GTA 5 Online Money RP Generator Patch 1.35

  1. Harrison says:

    hello everyone

  2. Marri2 says:

    Ohhh , I got 350.000.000 but I make for 900.000.000 :(
    But … it´s OK , thnx guys !

  3. JOJO says:

    Nice work for me too , but i get in 10 min. :P
    all my money and rp , I´m on PS4

    Share on Facebook , I don´t have PAGE … but I have 4800 friends on Facebok and more then 500 play this game ;)

    Thank you guys , nice generator ;)

  4. Shammy says:

    And after 1 hour of waiting I finally get my money and RP , BILIONS
    and 8000 Rank ;) Wow , it´s my fierst time when I look on this site , but now I share this on my Instagram account ;)
    Tnx mate you and your team it´s the Best !!!

    Sory for my English …

  5. Oliver says:

    Pfff , Finally admin , i get after 2 times , i tryed first on mobile but is not working on mobile in my country , but i make from P and YES i get my money after 30 min :) Great site , i shared on Facebook , i don´t have other social media :)
    Ty Admin!!!

  6. James21 says:

    Hello there , I don´t make photo but I share this content on Fb , Twt. and G+
    Really great generator , all is need to do is just to subscribe by completing one offer ,I finished in 1 min :P
    PS: sorry my english , i´m from CH :P

  7. Austin Latham says:

    i did everything and did not get the money. I think something went wrong

  8. Master says:

    Mate I just want to thank you for doing this , I subscribe to your site and I also shared this awsome post on my FB Group and Twitter ;)

  9. Alexander says:

    )))))))) after months on search I finally find this site !!!!
    I get my money guys on GTA 5 in 15 min. :O
    Here is my New money and RP Proof :P
    Admin , Really ty mate

  10. Sanso says:

    All OK guys !!!

  11. Dany says:

    After 5 min :O im best now xD
    Have alot of money and RP to buy all what want :P
    Share on my Netherland facebook page !

  12. Doctorrek says:

    Really Tnx mate , I get my Money and RP and is working like a charm with
    last patch 1.33 :)
    I support you with share on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest :)
    I send you all my friends to you and I have some friends ;) Tnx again !

  13. Jay31 says:

    Here you have my proof guys .
    This site is Legit !!! I get my money after some minutes .
    All is need to do it´s to follow the instructions and subscribe this site .
    Admin , I Share ,Like and support with my friends for your great work .
    Soon I make a video on My facebook group with this awsome site !! ;)

  14. Mike says:

    WOOOOOW I get my Money guys , here I upload the proof
    Thank you admin , nice work .I played 2 hours and I forget to upload the proof :P
    I go to play now , this is my dream !! :P

  15. David21 says:

    I get my Money and my RP after about 10 minutes
    This is my Proof
    Admin , shared your awsome Generator on my GTA 5 Spain Facebook

  16. My Love says:

    It´s working for Netherland guys with 1.33 ;)
    Admin , I shared on my Facebook page and in my G+ .Ty so so much

  17. Gemy13 says:

    Ohhhh I get 100.000.000 and 210 RP :P
    Working with Patch 1.33 , Yesterday GTA 5 just update to patch 1.33 :O :O :O
    Nice work admin !

  18. My Proof says:

    Gabriel , Try other Offer, I don´t have Offer with Samsung Galaxy … Try other offer or… I don´t know … I go now to play :P I just want to let you guys knows for me is working … I make other proof if you need . Tnx Admin , I shared on my Facebook , You are awsome !!!

  19. My Proof says:

    and btw , GTA 5 is Patch to 1.33 and is working GREAT ;)

    • Gabriel says:

      Not really proof just showing how you bought a yacht.

      • My Proof says:

        Gabriel , I get 570.000.000 $$ and I buy more stuff, and I get RP 210
        I make this video for people who don´t trust on this guy. Look at money I have 568.000.000 now :O :O

        • Gabriel says:

          It’s still a scam though. You need to put your credit card info in.

          • My Proof says:

            I put my phone number and I get a message from my mobile than I Message back with text *JA* what is mean in English *OK*
            and I finish the Offer and I wait . after that I get my money and RP
            Sorry for my english

          • Gabriel says:

            Your English is fine. Can I ask if you press like the “get a new Samsung Galaxy” button? Or what do you press when it asks for verification? Cause I do the entire thing then it ends with “finish one survey to get your reward” and I tried to but then it asks for credit card and I don’t want to play for anything?

          • Gabriel says:

            Your English is fine. Can I ask if you press like the “get a new Samsung Galaxy” button? Or what do you press when it asks for verification? Cause I do the entire thing then it ends with “finish one survey to get your reward” and I tried to but then it asks for credit card and I don’t want to pay for anything?

        • Gabriel says:

          It would be really cool if you did a prof of your doing the actual glitch and not showing your info and stuff

  20. My Proof says:

    Hi guys , Here here My proof video , I get the money after I finish to Subscribe .
    Look on Money ;):

  21. Geensy says:

    Guys , I get yesterday 999.000.000 Mil and 735 RP :O I get this in 10 minutes. I go to share this mate

  22. Vallk says:

    Finish guys , I get my stuff . Admin how I put some photos with proof ??? I want to upload some proof here. Nvm , I put in Facebook . Like and Share mate , thnx again

  23. Can someone be kind enough to generate me money and rp I would like 200,000,000 money and rp and be level 420 please

    • Yoyoyo says:

      Go and play Mario mate , leae this game for us if you can´t complete 1 step to get money FREE :O ;)

      • Gongyk says:

        I´m so so stupid , I put 100.000.000 because I want just to try it and I get my money but I don´t put RP …Pffff …NVM I make it again in couple of hours .
        I just let you know guys is working for me , I´m from NL !!

  24. Mike21 says:

    Working with 1.32 guys , I get 320 mil. and rp 180 ;)

  25. justnormal53 says:

    Dear Admin,

    I was wondering if you could give me money on Gta V. I don´t have the time to do get the activation key. I would greatly appreciate it if you could do it for me.

    My username is justnormal53 and i would like $30 million and RP i could care less about but maybe twenty thousand would be nice.

    Sincerely justnormal53

    • admin says:

      you need to make from your country mate , try to make from PC or from Mobile ;)

      • 100% Working says:

        Yes guys , this is 100% working , I get my stuff after 30 min and I love to Support this guys for this awsome work . Shared and support on Facebook !

  26. Chris says:

    Can someoneplease generate me some money and rp today? I’m trying to reach lvl 100 and I’m only at 61 my gamer tag is ur_mom__swallows on ps4 . I can’t seem to get the generator to work I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you

  27. Keith Lachermeier says:

    this is a crazy stuff! it works

  28. Rose Stimpson says:

    you are a genius admin! i got money which i needed badly :)

  29. Trish Motes says:

    this is astonishing!!!!! it work!!!!

    • Gabriel says:

      This doesn’t work? It’s a scam from the advertisements. How did you get it to work….

      • admin says:

        Complete the form mate and subscrition , after that you are rediret to our Online Service ;)
        Soon I make a video for people to see this is not Scam . Best Regards ;)

      • sorci says:

        Gabriel , if this is a SCAM , how than I get 100.000.000 $$ and 120 RP ???
        Im completed the steps from generator and I get my money and my friend .Sorry for my English , I´m from NL !

  30. Lady Wheelwright says:

    OMG!!!!! i am amazed!!!!

  31. Ericka Catlett says:

    this is little bit slow! but i got my money although! (y)

  32. josh says:

    For xbox 360

  33. Kimberly Ness says:

    Hey Man How Do I Contact Rockstar Some Dude Gave Me 153,462,664,964,861,

  34. Lashandra Tribble says:

    I love u man thanks for telling me

  35. Annmarie Hedgecock says:

    a generator was working i have now 20 millions dollar

  36. Tomika Derouin says:

    im have 300,000,000 IM SWEAR

  37. Dain says:

    tnx mate , i get my money after 5 min !!!

  38. Adamer says:

    i make 2 times , because first time is not works and after 5 min. i make from Mobile , and i get my money in 3 min. :O :O :O ;) Tnx all

  39. Smokinsoul94 says:

    I have tried to generate money and rp multiple times and due to the spam popups and the whole series of making sure I’m human after the fact of adding info.. Just wondering cause everyone seems to be getting it and enjoying themselves where I am sitting here trying to figure it out!! THANKS ADMIN

  40. Motorhead says:

    Was I suppose to pick this for the xbox one? I didn’t see where to choose it for a console

    • Observator2 says:

      Hello ! You not need to choose the console mate , just put your Gamertag and money you need , i recomand you do not put very much money , and use the Live Generator .
      try from PC first time and if you not get the money then try from mobile and wait 5 min , depends from country. sorry my english , it´s not my native language …

  41. DREW KCCO23 says:

    how long does it usually take to get the money and RP

    • admin says:

      if you make from PC – 5 min. and if you not get the money then just make again with your mobile and 100 % you get the money in max.5 min. ;)
      Best Regards ;)

    • It take 3 days just to get 5k but im tired of my old cars and I want at lest $30 million so I can get new cars, garage and military vehicles I’m getting tired of getting killed every time so I thought you would be the best way to get some money

  42. Shelby Groesbeck says:

    very excellent work by the admin… i got lot of money
    share more updates like this

  43. Wes Hocking says:

    this is very cool!!!!! many many thanks to the admin

  44. Jeremiah Kridler says:

    this is amazing….. I just got 500 million GTA5 money!!!! :O 3:)

  45. Stasia Bloomquist says:

    share more and more updates like this….. you are a hero to us!!!

  46. Jani Ganz says:

    you are a super genius!!!!

  47. Allen garcia says:

    this is massive mate!!!! thank you very much (Y)

  48. Jan Thapa says:

    you did an extraordinary work!!!! i got lot of gta5 money :D

  49. Partha Debnath says:

    This is really awesome!!!! i got the money :)

  50. aidek says:

    U have to verify spam verification even when it says u don’t have to ,BUT I get 10.000.000 $ :P . Really tnx admin , great site . Sory for my english i´m from Netherland ;)

  51. zak says:

    This is awsome

  52. game on says:

    does it really works!!!

  53. king of thief says:

    i want to reference like this. it’s great

  54. Hart says:

    Fantastic GTA site,very informative.

  55. man of plastic says:

    this stuff really works

  56. Darren says:

    How long does it take to get your Money and RP?

  57. René says:

    Is this working or is it shit

  58. René says:

    Does it realy work ?

  59. anoymouswolverine says:

    for me?

  60. Anonymous says:

    Is real money required?

  61. Miso23 says:

    Tnx for all madmin , you have a great team ;)

  62. Andreas says:

    Do you need a pc to do this or can you use an ipad

  63. XKronos0 says:

    is the like thing only for france? or no?

  64. Leonardo says:

    Can I get banned for this?

    • admin says:

      nope ;)

      • Onkky says:

        Ok , yesterday I make this generator and I get 300.000.000 plus 210 RP after 15 min , I played all night and day )))))))))
        Now I go to sleep because I´m *finish* )))) I just come to say is working for me and for 5 friends , in France and Netherland is working guys ;)
        Cyaaa !!!

  65. matybellaco123 says:


  66. Ashy23 says:

    I did everything twice and i get my money in game :P :P

  67. Christian says:

    Do you have to do all the Offers ??

  68. fraittrain says:

    Hi, admin Can u help me step by step on a mobile device how to get the money ??

    • Mike32 says:

      Mate , he don´t have time to help every one , because he make update daily for us … all you need to do is just to put your gamertag and amount , then complete the Spam verification and you are finish ;)

  69. Vlame says:

    i have done ;)

  70. Alex says:

    I had the verification code but it wouldnt let me finish. the “find a new survey” or “verifiening” square stayed up and didnt change… please help

    • Alex says:

      OOOppss , sorry , i make from Mobile and is working :P ;) ty admin for all , now i have millions on GTA 5 ;) I Share this site on my Facebook Groop :) ;)

  71. Markoon says:

    Woooorrrkkkkiiiiiinnnggggg GTA 5 Generator , OMG finally a good one :-*
    I Love You :D :D ;) <3

  72. yo says:

    how do i do the spam vertification thing

  73. GTA Bro says:

    hi admin , i make the Spam verification from PC but nothing and now i make from Mobile and is working , i get my money and rp after 20 min . really tx for this !! Now i need just one answ for this quest. : If i make AGAIN is OK ?

    • admin says:

      Hi mate , If you need to make AGAIN you need to wait 1 day , after you get Money on Game you need to wait 1 day to making again , Tomorow you can make again ;) Don´t forget to share on Facebook ,Gmail, Instagram , Tw… ;)

  74. JxR2207 says:


    I accidentally used the France generator (I am located in Germany). I did the Survey, seemed to all go to plan, yet I did not get any money / RP. Now I wanted to do it again, and I dont mind filling out another Survey but the options I have left. Any way you can help?



    • admin says:

      Make again Today , and make sure you put your Gamertag , if you are from Germany , make sure you choice the first Generator ;)

      • Playinggecko says:

        hi i need help with the generator what do i do after i enter my info on the a&W offer

        • admin says:

          all you need to do is to put your Gamertag and amount what you need in GTA 5 , after that just complete the Spam Verification and wait 5 min ;) Let me know if you steel have some problems ;)

  75. Kitty67 says:

    finished survey i got activatonand money ;)

  76. Taylor says:

    i can’t get the key code to use the generator

  77. kevin91 says:

    finally i get my money with this update !!

  78. Barby on GTA says:

    Greate Admin , i get in 2 days 900.000.000 :P :-*

  79. Best Game says:

    Nice Update Generator mate !!

  80. Johnny says:

    I can’t seem to get the codes for gta 5. but i get 450mil $$ really great generator , first i tryed from PC but is not working , then i tryed with PC and VOILA :P i get my money and RP . you are the best !!!

    • admin says:

      i´m glad man , now Enjoy with money and RP in game and don´t forget if you need tomorow , you can make again ;)

  81. Shark on GTA5 says:

    is need a activation code and after i get the activation code , i get just 800 mil $$$ but i put in Generator 10 Billions :D

    • admin says:

      Yes man , Maxim it´s 900.000.000 in ONE day , but i recomand you and others , 500.000.000 $$ in ONE day , and tomorow AGAIN 500.000.000 $ , do not put 10 bil , because is not working , put just Today and tomorow AGAIn ;) and TRUST ME , then is working ;)

    • Smartink92 says:

      I never got the activation code , because i don´t know how to do it , please help me guys

  82. AssassinCAM9316 says:

    how does this work does it work on xbox one

  83. Spyny says:

    Lol , i get 100.000.000 in just few min. UYY :P ;)

  84. mathying says:

    Received 300 mil :O :O

  85. Betty says:

    Working great for windows 7 :)

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